Gonne Kühl

Illustrator & Concept Artist


I don't know how many of you are working with a nostromo or considering this gaming keyboard
for painting in Photoshop but when I bought it, I made a complicated preset and printed out
a layout sheet to get used to using it.
I assigned two buttons to alter the key layout, so I could fit in all the buttons I need.
It needs a week or two to get totally used to it, but then it is really boosting your work speed.
So for everyone considering buying one or thinking about further streamlining their workflow –
feel free to download and tweak.
I added a PSD file of the Layout. The font is a google webfont which you can download here:

Open Sans on Google web fonts

I printed it out when I bought it and hung it above my screen. After some weeks I didn't need it anymore.



I thought this chicken leg would make an awesome reference image for creature design.
I took photos, cropped them and put them into a PSD file.


zipped PSD


6000 x 11000 px